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    Post  IUPgrad on Fri Feb 13, 2009 1:41 pm

    I may be shooting myself in the foot for sending this but I just wanted to speak my mind.

    I understand wanting the Rangers alliance and all of its wings to grow and prosper. However, by taking in insignificant players who only have 1-2 villages without an army and that can't provide any major resources doesn't seem right to me. Just this week I have lost 5-6 farms because they jumped to a wing of Rangers. I'm running negative crops in 4 of my villages and am in need of farms to provide for some of that loss. However, in the area that I am currently in there is nothing but Ranger alliance members and we are all fighting for the scraps of farms that are left in the area.

    Again, I understand this is all about winning the end game and I can appreciate that. However, this is also a war game and it isn't much fun just building up my villages. I would just like leaders to look at who they are taking in instead of just accepting everyone because they don't want to be a farm.


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